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Building Better Together

We established our company in 2016 but we have been working together as a family in construction for over 12 years. Our story begins with giving back to the community. As volunteers for a non-profit in Baltimore City we have been assisting in house give aways. The non-profit obtains the house, rebuilds, and gives it away to a family that will be a first time home owner and a light to their community.

Meet Our Team

We pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated business. Meet our Family!

Iris Alicea Pierce
Iris Alicea PierceOwner / President
Iris drives the company goals and supports with quality assurance. Iris’ background is in aging services, non-profit management, and psychology. One of Iris’ proudest achievements is 14 years as a volunteer, event planner, and advocate for a women’s shelter.

“My goal for starting this company was to have a high-quality business that serves all customers with dignity and respect. My passion is to ensure we continually give back to the community and offer support to others.”

Sharon Alicea Vernon
Sharon Alicea VernonOwner / Corporate Secretary
Sharon’s background is in book keeping and office management. She enjoys the day to day operations and keeps us all in line.

“My personal goal for starting this company was to get to a place to give back to the community. Whether it is in a big or small way, we can all find a way to give back”

Joshua Pierce
Joshua PierceSenior Project Manager
Joshua brings over 17 years of construction experience to the company and comes from a family of builders. He has a creative eye and works with clients to bring their dreams into reality. Josh also directs the partnership with Adopt A Block Inc and has been an intricate part in giving away over 10 houses in the past 10 years.

“We all have a way to give back to the community. It starts with one act of kindness and it continues to grow”

Jonathan Vernon
Jonathan VernonSenior Estimator / Sales
Jonathan brings a passion for people to the company. His background is in sales, administration, and pastoral care. One of Jonathan’s proudest achievements was as an Executive Director for a men’s shelter in Baltimore County.

“We strive in building better together, better projects and better communities”

Forrest Renshaw
Forrest RenshawHandyman Service Specialist
Forrest’s great attitude and work ethic makes him a favorite with our clients. His background is in logistics and has a genuine passion for all things “camo” and power tools.

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